The Seven Habits Of Really Ineffective Managers, Part 4: They Jump To Conclusions

The human mind has been described as a machine for jumping to conclusions, but it is the Really Ineffective Manager who raises this skill to an art form. It’s not too hard to work out how they got that way. They started out in an entry-level position where the problems they had to deal with were small and simple, and the solutions obvious. In this context, jumping to the obvious conclusion was a pretty good method. It mostly worked, and also created an aura of being “dynamic” and “decisive.” It’s quite possible that this ability to solve simple problems fast got them their first promotion. And that is where the rot set in. Just as they have had their “dynamism” and “decisiveness” reinforced, they are moved into a world where the problems are bigger and more complex, and the solutions less obvious. They can now begin to develop their jumping-to-conclusions skills in a way which builds true Ineffectiveness.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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