Friday Box Office: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Scores Aca-Amazing $27.8M

For the last two years, I’ve been discussing the possibility of Pitch Perfect 2 being a major break-out sequel based on the popularity of the original and the leggy and “discovered long after opening weekend” nature of its success. Throughout that time, I’ve occasionally written something to the effect of “I’m not saying Pitch Perfect 2 will open at $70 million, but…” as a way of not setting expectations too high. Having grown up watching films get burned for not living up to hyperbolic opening weekend predictions, I tend to stay away from pie-in-the-sky predictions. Yeah sure, in my gut I knew Gone Girl was going to hit $35m over its debut weekend and I was sure months in advance that The LEGO Movie was heading towards a $65m-$70m debut, but I also didn’t want to be the guy that poisoned the well and put said studios on the defensive when they “only” debuted with $20m and $40m respectively. It’s a bad habit born of too much empathy, and one that I should snap out of. Once again, I shouldn’t have worried because Pitch Perfect 2 just snagged $27.8 million in a single day.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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