Trailer Talk: Hugh Jackman’s ‘Pan’ Pulls ‘Harry Potter’ Card

The pre-Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer dump was probably supposed to end with Pan. But then the film got moved from July 24th to October 9th of this year, so now we have that slightly delayed second trailer with the new release date proudly advertised. Yes, I wrote most of this back in late April during that brutal pre-Avengers trailer drop week, although the trailer dropped last night on the Tonight Show hence this untimely publication. I suppose a drop with Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland makes more sense anyway. As I’m assuming you know, this Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. release is a big-budget prequel to the original Peter Pan story. The picture stars Hugh Jackman in wild-eyed villain mode as Blackbeard, along with Garrett Hedlund as the future Captain Hook and newbie Levi Miller as a young Peter Pan.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting


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