Welltok Gets Deeper Into Personalized Health Programs With Predilytics Acquisition

So-called population health management companies are hot. Coming on the heels of IBM’s recent purchase of Phytel and Explorys, Welltok bought health analytics start-up Predilytics for an undisclosed sum. The Denver-based start-up manages health programs for insurers and employers to encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles— whether it’s exercising regularly or eating a balanced diet. It has raised more than $90 million in venture capital to date.
Wellness programs are a $6 billion business. According to consulting firm Mercer, nearly 90% of large employers offer such benefits from a slew of companies such as UnitedHealth’s Relay Health, Limeade, and Keas. Whether those plans deliver on their promise to ultimately lower health care costs by keeping employees healthy and out of the hospital, remains to be seen.
To nudge people into healthier behavior, Welltok offers its clients a menu of programs, from rewarding participants with cash or gift cards for completing biometric screenings to providing recommendations through IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, based on a person’s preferences. Welltok’s chief executive Jeff Margolis says that more than 1 million people use the company’s programs. It has upwards of 20 customers, including IBM, Centura Health and Aetna. 

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1L6hsZc
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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