Can ‘The Flash’ Be One Of The Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made… Again?

Phil Lord gave a podcast interview the other day where he discussed (among other things) the movie version of The Flash that he is co-writing with Chris Miller at the moment. They are not signed to direct it, merely write it, although I can’t imagine the amounts of cash Warner Bros. /Time Warner Inc. would be willing to throw at them in order to secure their directing services as well. The only real news is that the film will be somewhat stand-alone (that seems to be the optimistic notion behind the DC Cinematic Universe at this point) and that they will likely have Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen. That’s a surprise, as the easiest way to differentiate their Flash movie with the gloriously awesome The Flash CW show would be to use Wally West or pretty much any of the other comic book Flashes aside from Mr. Allen. However, this is not the place to discuss the challenges of making a Flash movie in the shadow of the Flash TV show. Said TV show is ending its first season right this second on the East Coast which of course in no way relates to my decision to publish this piece right at 6:00 PST (9:00pm EST). This is about a theoretical brightest timeline where Lord and Miller pull off an utterly terrific The Flash movie, one that stands as one of the best superheroes comic book movies ever made. If they pull that off, it will be the second time such a feat was achieved. I am speaking of course of the 93-minute pilot for the CBS television show The Flash that aired in the fall of 1990.  

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting


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