Something Finally Goes Right for Lakers Who’ll Draft Mudiay at No. 2, It Says Here

Ending a years-long series of disasters that have befallen the Lakers, to go with those they inflicted on themselves, they drew the second pick in Tuesday’s NBA lottery, which will enable them to take….
Here’s what happens at the top of the draft, I think:
1. Minnesota–Karl-Anthony Towns. With Ricky Rubio, they don’t need a point guard. Towns is everyone’s choice, for best of the bigs but Timberwolves could still go Jahlil Okafor.
2. Lakers–Emmanuel Mudiay. Not like I know but he’s not only a major talent at point guard but Showtime incarnate, a big value for Jerry Buss and his kids. It could be D’Angelo Russell or Okafor. My guess is they fall in love with this athletic point guard’s gargantuan upside.
3. 76ers–D’Angelo Russell. Or if Lakers takes Russell, they’ll take Mudiay. With young bigs and no point, it has to be one of them.
4. Knicks–Jahlil Okafor. Fabulous pick to get at No. 4. Giant, skilled. Not over-athletic. Didn’t show at the combine so we don’t know how tall he really is… but Towns looked like his little brother standing next to him at the lottery show.
5. Orlando–Kristap Porzingis.
This day was a long time coming for the Lakers and had a chance of not happening at all.
Their fourth-worst record gave them a 53% chance of dropping lower–and a 17% shot of missing the top five and having to give their pick to Philadelphia to complete the disastrous 2012 trade for Steve Nash.
If things weren’t bad enough after being jilted by Dwight Howard, hiring Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson and the annual loss of Kobe Bryant–whom they signed to a two-year $48.5 million extension between injuries–this spring turned into a tanking contest with Philadelphia.
With the 76ers rewriting the book on how to do it, throwing away two seasons after trading every single player on their roster, the Lakers were over their heads.
On March 20, the Lakers were 17-50, the Sixers 17-52. Had neither team won again, they would have finished in a tie for the No. 3 slot in the lottery. The Lakers won four more games–including two against the 76ers–which settled that.
Happily for all involved, the seemingly humble Class of 2015 turned out to be better and deeper than the celebrated 2014s. In a mock draft combining both classes, two NBA execs took 10 of the top 15 from the ’15s.
Most teams would take Towns No. 1 but Minnesota will reportedly consider Okafor. There are scenarios in which Russell or Mudiay would have gone No. 1–if the pick had gone to the 76ers.
Some GMs rate Porzingis, a young Lithuanian, as high as No. 2, although with his spindly 7-0 220-pound frame and the array of talent ahead of him, he’s not expected to get higher than No. 5.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting


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