This Memorial Day, Use Data To Beat The Traffic

Memorial Day is basically synonymous with traffic jams, as millions of Americans hit the roads the make the most of a long weekend. To figure out how to beat the bumper-to-bumper blues, I got in touch with the data experts over at Google and Waze, whose huge stash of traffic and search data may offer a bit of a crystal ball when it.
For more useful pre-travel information, you can also check out my analysis of Google-provided data on where and how Americans are expected to travel this Memorial Day.
These Are The Worst Days To Hit The Road
If you can hit the road Thursday or Saturday, you may want to try. Not surprisingly, the Friday before Memorial Day is the worst for getting out of town. “Friday is already the worst day for traffic, so don’t be surprised when congestion spikes Friday afternoon,” says Trak Lord, a Waze data analyst and the author of the blog. “Last year,  compared to a typical Friday, we saw a 6% increase in drivers on the road along with an 8% increase in the number of drives on the Friday before Memorial Day.
And it may be obvious, but Monday is the worst day to come back home. “Remember that no matter when you leave—Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday—for Memorial Day Weekend, everyone comes back Monday afternoon,” says Lord Tuesday.
One way to beat the traffic: Stay put. “Our data shows that people tend to drive around 15% farther than usual, meaning less traffic for you in your area,” Lord says. “That is, unless you live by a lake, beach, or national tourist attraction—in which case you should probably leave town too.”
Police activity is up on Memorial Day—and accidents are down
Holidays often come with liberal doses of libations, and can be be downright dangerous days to drive. Surprisingly, Memorial Day is an exception. As with other holidays, local law enforcement agencies tend to crank up their on-road presence during this day. But, according to Lord, the roads actually tend to be rather safe on Memorial Day, with accident reports coming in well below average. 

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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