Is A Less ‘Star Trek’-y ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Good News Or Bad News?

Simon Pegg has been on a roll this week, and I agree with about 99% of the commentary he has offered in regards to nerd-centric film/TV culture and the way the biggest pop culture blockbusters are digested by the fanbase. But he made additional headlines this week when discussing the upcoming Star Trek movie he is writing, where he mentioned that Paramount/Viacom rejected Roberto Orci’s original script for being “too Star Trek-y.” There are two very distinct ways to take this comment, both of which are worth examining. So with the caveat that I am discussing an offhand comment from a writer of a film that doesn’t come out until next summer, what exactly does “too Star Trek-y” mean?  Well, that depends on what they meant by it.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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