Top Kremlin Critics In The West Face Media Smears On The Home Front

The New Cold-War propaganda battlefield came into stark focus this week as two highly personal attacks on leading anti-Putin pundits came out in quick succession.  Peter Pomerantsev featured as the main target in tandem with Michael Weiss – both now very prominent, both associated with The Interpreter, the relentless online gadfly against the Kremlin. There was a time when one could use the phrase ‘war of ideas’ but it lacks verisimilitude in the current context. The Soviet Union peddled ideas, universal ones, however thinly patched to justify Moscow’s power urge. These days, Moscow offers no universal ideology. Kremlin apologists are reduced to emitting a stridently one-note sound, that of condemning the West for every ill Moscow visits on the world.  So it is with Mark Ames’s article about Pomerantsev in the web publication Pando and equally with an article in The Nation by James Carden entitled “Neo McCarthyism and the US Media”.

from Forbes – Business
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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