Legal Tech Trends For 2016

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Tech meets law

As the new year approaches, so do innovative ideas in the tech world. Every year technology seems to advance more and more at a rapid pace. Technology has found a way to consolidate with the legal system and will continue to expand overtime.

In 2016, you can expect the legal system to take an approach that most old school lawyers won’t know how to utilize but will have to adapt to the changes made such as iRobot intelligence (artificial intelligence), data analytics, face-to-face communication with clients using computer software and an increase in new law firms and decrease in old law firms.

The iRobot Affect (artificial Intelligence):

Remember when you thought the movie “iRobot” was just another movie with special effects and computer generated intelligence? Well, iRobot will become more than a movie in the future of the legal system. The process of these iRobot’s, will contribute to making lawyers’ lives much easier by dealing with contracts and other paperwork. However, if these iRobot’s are able to complete this task, who knows what they will be able to accomplish in the future.

Let the Data Analytics State the Facts

As most industries are transitioning to the use of technology to maintain organization through capturing data, such as doctors, veterinarians and now lawyers. One thing lawyers are always dealing with is paperwork from different cases and contracts. By utilizing data gathered through different tools such as Lexis Nexis’, law firms will be able to narrow down the importance and relevancy of a specific case or contract and give them a one up on the competition. Capturing data will not only benefit a law firm but will also contribute to relaying information to potential clients, who are interested in the firm’s services.

A High increase in start-up law firms and decrease in old law firms

The creation of law firms, will start increasing do to the accessibility of technology. New lawyers are starting to learn and understand the shift of technology and the benefits of leading to  success. Some lawyers, may be against incorporating tech into their system of practicing of law, but if they don’t acclimate to this trend, it will lead to lawyers losing out on major opportunities, especially since Millennials and Generation Z are the consumer businesses should focus on catering too.

Making a Connection through Communication

Do to the time period that we live in today, people are focused on gathering and conversing about information the fastest and most affordable way possible. Lawyers will start turning to communication host, to stay in contact with multiple clients, to help manage with a busy schedule. This would save time and money traveling to meet with a client and more time focusing on paperwork. Communication is host like Skype, Oovoo and Legalar will be used as a main tool for communication. Most of these communication tools are free for a one on one conversation, but if you want more features, of course it would cost, but nothing outrageous that a lawyer or client couldn’t afford.

Lawyers will have their hands full in the future, dealing with the transition from the traditional methods to the tech methods. However, this will be a learning experience that will not only benefit them for being a lawyer, but will provide the knowledge they could use in their personal lives. To learn more about the tech trends in the legal system you can find out more information here.

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