Texas and Immigration ‘Harboring’ Law

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Texas is home to one of the largest immigration populations in the country. It is estimated that 17% of people in Texas were born on foreign soil. With the state’s proximity to Mexico, many people come into this country illegally. There are over a million undocumented immigrants in the state of Texas. In order to control illegal immigration, Texas has passed HB 11. A federal appeals court heard the state but favored Texas.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill to increase state police and increase the technology along the Texas border. The state has numerous gang members and dangerous people who are illegal immigrants. This bill will begin the effort to hire extra troopers and other qualified people who can patrol the Texas border. The penalties for human smuggling will be increased, and crime data along the border will be examined. The National Guard will continue to monitor the border until troopers can be hired. More than 250 troopers are expected to be hired.


While this bill is an effort to keep the citizens of Texas safe,  U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra blocked the state from enforcing it, with the provision being “overly broad in scope and potential impact.”  Though Texas public safety officials have argued that the provision is clear in only targeting those smuggling humans, and not illegal immigrants already in the state.


This effort will cost over $300 million, so people who are opposed to this bill want to know statistics that mass number of illegal immigrants are really occurring. Texas officials proclaim that more than 25,000 illegal immigrants come across the border each month. These opponents say there is no proof that these efforts will be effective. It is an awful lot of money to spend, so it needs to be successful.


After the bill passed, a company sued the state on behalf of two landlords saying their employees were not required to provide immigration status. However, a federal court stated that the State of Texas has the right to pass the bill. The landlords were relieved that the state cannot prosecute them for renting property to illegal immigrants or employing illegal immigrants.


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