Texas K-9 Units in Police Force

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When you think of dogs, you think of them as the friendly, family pets that live in your home, run around the backyard, and enjoy a nice bone every now and then. What we often overlook as pet owners is that dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with incredible abilities.


K-9 units are critical factors of modern law, and enhancing overall police work. The intelligence and abilities dogs have been providing aid to police forces for many decades, so just how exactly are K-9 units used in Texas? Here are a select few units from various areas of Texas.


The University of Texas at Austin’s K-9 Unit


While most K-9 units are geared towards protecting the general public, the University of Texas at Austin has their very own K-9 unit, established to protect students, faculty, and more. College campuses are a major target for crimes, so a security measure was taken to create the campus’s canines.


These police service dogs are on duty when their handlers are, going off duty and joining their handler’s as part of their families. The three main goals of this K-9 unit on campus is to enhance police searches for evidence and explosive devices, and apprehending violent criminals.


The K-9 Unit of Arlington, Texas


Established with one canine and one handler, Arlington’s K-9 unit began in 1979. Today, the unit operates between 3 teams that each take a city-wide operation basis. The main use for this K-9 unit in Arlington is high-risk cases and building searches. All 3 of the handlers at Arlington are 15+ year veterans of the police force with over 10 years of experience with K-9 units. This highly trained and skilled K-9 unit is one to look up to in Texas.


The K-9 Unit of Fort Worth, Texas


Dating back to 1962 the Texas K-9 unit of Forth Worth has come a long way. Not only is this a K-9 unit, but also a Training Academy for handlers and canines to come and train. The grounds even hold a dedicated tombstone for all of the dogs that have served in this police force. Although it was founded on burglary prevention, this K-9 unit is part of a Special Operations Division. The dogs are hand selected based on their abilities to hunt, desire to play, courage and socialization. This K-9 unit shows just how important these canines are to their task force.

The K-9 Unit of Houston, Texas


Last but not least, we bring attention to the K-9 unit of Houston, the main town for Abogado Aly’s law offices. An older K-9 unit in Texas, this team was founded in 1959. It’s K-9 unit is one of Houston Police Department’s oldest Patrol Divisions. A much larger department, there are 39 team members that are assigned to various departments of police force. These canines were even featured in a month’s segment on Houston PetTalk.

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