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After 16 Years, Le Cirque Caves to Las Vegas With Gaudy $325 Dish

In the Godfather Part II, Hyman Roth lectures Michael Corleone about a luminary who turned a stretch of dessert into an electric playground for indulgence. That man was Moe Greene, and he invented the Las Vegas we celebrate today. Roth memorably bemoans that there is not a plaque or a statue honoring Green for his vision.

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9 Tips For A Successful Startup On Foreign Soil

What advice do those who are experts on creating startups on foreign soil give? Listen to what a venture capitalist in Latin America, a professor at Stanford, an executive at Spotify in Asia, and others have to say.

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How Can I Get Noticed In This Entry-Level Job?

Tyler is frustrated — he’s working incredibly hard at his project coordinator job and isn’t sure how to prove his bosses that he’s ready to take a step up. Tyler asks Liz for advice: how can I prove myself in an entry-level job?

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Apathetic in Ankara

We’re only a few weeks away from the one year anniversary of the US launching military attacks against ISIS, and it continues to dominate the headlines. Just this week ISIS took control of Ramadi, only a 1.5 hour drive from Baghdad (according to Google Maps), while a team of Delta Force soldiers killed ISIS’s “CFO” in Syria. What has gone unmentioned is Turkey’s apathetic efforts to combat instability in the region, even though it shares a border with both Syria and Iraq. Instead, President Erdogan spends his time silencing the media and “purging” political opponents.

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What Is The Future Of Work?

If I were to ask you, “What’s the future of work?” what would you say? This is a very big, interesting and complex, yet simple, question. In fact, it’s probably question I get asked the most. Usually when I ask an audience this question I get a variety of response such as: Millennials, technology, organizational structure, leadership and management, workspaces, diversity, sustainability and more. I have written about all of these thing and then some! But here’s the thing, all of these topics are a part of the future of work so it really depends on which one of these “paths” you want to go down. Keep in mind that we spend more hours working than doing anything else.

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Reviewing the TV Season

May 20th marked the end of the 2014-15 television season and as with previous seasons there was, as usual, a lot of noteworthy events and trends.  The four-time Emmy winning drama Mad Men on AMC aired its final and averaged 3.3 million viewers, although that figure will surely rise when seven day playback becomes available.  CBS aired the final telecast of TV’s longest running comedy Two and Half Men in February. After a 12-year run the finale, in February, averaged 13.2 million viewers.  David Letterman ended his historic and record 33-year run as a late night talk show host his finale averaged 13.76 million viewers the most watched Letterman telecast in over twenty years.  This August, Jon Stewart will end his 17-year rub as host of The Daily Show.  Notable series finales already on tap for 2015-16 will include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which will end its 15-year run with a two hour finale in September.   In addition, American Idol will start its 15th and final season in January.  Both shows had been at one time the top rated program on television.

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