About Abogado Aly

Abogado Aly SignAt the offices of Abogado Aly, they know that every legal situation is different. They collaborate together as a workforce to make sure that any tough situation is discussed as a team with professional lawyers. Each lawyer has their own area of expertise, but they use each other’s resources with respect to all cases that come through their door. The main consultations that they give  are of immigration, criminal cases, personal injury, family law, and civil. Immigration cases regard employment petitions, political asylum, family petitions, deportation defense, removal proceedings and U-Visas. Personal injury cases regard slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, wrongful death cases and 18-wheeler accidents. Civil cases regard breach of contract, consumer rights, and construction law cases.  Family law cases are of  contested divorces, uncontested divorces, suit affecting the parent-child relationship, modifications, name changes, child custody, adoptions, and wills.


At Abogado Aly, the attorneys keep up with the news to keep well informed of the new legislation being put forth by their local politicians. One of the largest laws that is pending is on a law to reform the quality of life for the immigrants who come to the united states seeking a better life. Their attorneys will help those qualified acquire their work and education documents and permits.


At Abogado Aly, they treat their clients with the transparency and respect that they deserve. The question is easy. Do you need legal help from an attorney? If so, Abogado Aly can assist you. If not, they will let you know, and you will not have to spend a dime to get your answer. In many cases, there could be some facts that people do not want to hear, but it is the responsibility of the attorneys to be straight to the point at hand, while constructing a plan for their best solution possible. They do not fight against their clients; they fight for their clients. All primary consultations are free of charge! This is especially important so that people are not afraid to come in with a legal issue and learn their rights.

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Law Offices of Abogado Aly in Houston, Texas